5 ways to spot a toxic friendship

1.     You always feel drained after talking to them

2.     You can’t go to them for advice

3.     They only ask/talk about themselves

4.     They lack empathy

5.     They brag on how they’ve treated others badly

Athletes that meditate: volleyball edition

Olympic gold medaling beach volleyball players Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings are just two of countless athletes that practice meditation!


Top 5 tips to get out the door and off to school faster

When you’re always on-the-go, there’s no time to waste! Check out these 5 tips to get you on your way faster!


1.     Set out an outfit the night before

Make it a movie night with these classic sport films

Make it a movie night with the family and check out one of these classic sport-themed movies!

1.     Remember the Titans

2.     Rudy

3.     Heaven Can Wait

4.     A League of Their Own

5.     Field of Dreams

Best advice I have ever recieved from a coach...

The best advice I ever received from a coach didn't truly resonate with me until I got older.


"School first, sports later."


Basketball Dribbling + Tennis Ball = Handles

Why it imporves your ball handling skills? 

  1. Forces you to keep your eyes up. You have no option to look down while dribbling. 
  2. Improved hand-eye coordination. 
  3. Quick hands!  

What you'll need: 

Setting Drill Video from Alisha Glass

You don't need a court. These can be done at home! 

4 Tips to Stay Cool During Warm Weather Runs!

1. Run when the conditions are coolest. Ideally in the early morning or evening.

Lacrosse Drills

U.S. Lacrosse has some great resources for coaches and players.  Like this Waterfall Drill used for midfielders concentrated on working on passing.