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Workouts so simple all you need is a tennis ball

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Tennis balls may be small but they’re packed with power and versatility. Check out these 5 ways you can use a tennis ball to better your athletic game.

1.     Improve handling skills

"Sometimes I'll use a tennis ball to practice my stick-handling skills. It's a lot lighter, so it teaches you how to turn the stick quick. If you can actually watch TV while you're dribbling a tennis ball, that helps with keeping your head up. You're a better player if you can keep your head up while you're dribbling." said Paige Selenski, field hockey star.


2.     Improve grip

Squeeze the tennis ball at maximum capacity for one second then relax. Repeat this 20 times then switch hands. Over time, you will build up muscle and your grip will get stronger. Tip via active.com


3.     Improve foot flexibility

“To perform the exercise, sit at the edge of a sturdy chair with both feet flat on the floor. Place a tennis ball under the arch of your affected foot. Slowly roll your foot back and forth over the ball, spending 30 to 60 seconds on each tender spot. Repeat on the opposite foot.” Via Jillian Michaels, celebrity personal trainer.


4.     Improve stamina

Try playing a game of handball to get your body moving and your heart rate up. Bounce the ball against any open wall, then as it returns hit the ball with your open hand, then repeat. See how many times you can consecutively rally the ball against the wall without stopping. Via Health magazine.


5.     Improve you posture

Lie down on the ground with two tennis balls placed on the inside of your back. Wrap your hands around your head and lift your head off the floor, bringing your chin towards your chest. Lift your bottom off the floor and take three deep breaths. While maintaining deep and steady breaths, roll the balls like a rolling pin, up and down your upper back for 3-4 minutes. Via Prevention magazine.


Photo via Health magazine



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