Girl Chat: Concussions with Rebecca

A concussion occurs through a bump or blow to the head causing the brain to move inside the skull, changing chemicals and damaging brain cells.

Clean eating

Hi Adam,


Yes, it's very important to eat clean whole organic foods that are not processed.

Is iodized salt safe?

Hi Naomi,


Yes, iodine is an essential trace mineral that your body needs to make our thyroid hormones. I use it daily! 



Amie Valpone

Playing Basketball as a Senior

Hi Britney!

Thank you so much for your question. To answer them in order:

1. Can I get a scholarship if I only played one year(which is senior year) in high school?

Paying it Forward with Kylie Frame's Lacrosse for Love

Kylie Frame is a young high school student that started her own lacrosse clinic, Lacrosse for Love, and works to pay it forward by raising money for the National Brain Tumor Society. Learn more about Kylie below!


My Story

Girl Chat Questions with Megan Louwers

  1. When did your passion for soccer begin and what do you love most about playing soccer?


Tell me no. I dare you.

My muscles are tight, tense, pushed to the point of exhaustion, but the feeling is like flying. I watch as the quarterback counts out before screaming, “Hike!” He fakes a pass, then runs up the field.

After Practice Meals

Dear Emily,

Thank you for your message! :)

The number one ingredient to have in a meal or ​snack after an intense​ workout is protein.

Let's Use Our Role In Sports to Improve Childhood Nutrition

           While there are many ways I could apply my degree to improve the lives of fellow Texans, child nutrition is an issue that I specifically would like to help fix. Across the world there are children that are malnourished or obese.