Are Protein Shakes Good or Bad?

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Protein shakes are perfect for recovering after a workout!

After Practice Meals

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The number one ingredient to have in a meal or ​snack after an intense​ workout is protein.

Let's Use Our Role In Sports to Improve Childhood Nutrition

           While there are many ways I could apply my degree to improve the lives of fellow Texans, child nutrition is an issue that I specifically would like to help fix. Across the world there are children that are malnourished or obese.

Mouth Guards for All Basketball Players

Traditionally, mouth guards have been used to protect boxers, football players, and hockey players. Now it is becoming more evident that mouth guards need to become a mandatory piece of equipment for basketball uniforms.

Meet the Coaches!

Our coaches and nutritionist are here to help provide you with tips on how to help on an off the court...for the only children out there, think of them as the big sisters you never had but always wanted. Whether advice on how to balance school and

Basketball drills for all skill levels

A good game of basketball starts with a good warm up and ends with a cool down.

23 morning rituals of the world's most influential people

What do Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and many other successful celebrities all have in common? Morning rituals! They all begin their day by and spend the first part of the day focused on activities rooted in self-care.

5 unusual yet exciting running events

Standard races are fun, but it never hurts to switch things up every now and then. Jazz up your workout routine by attending one of these cool running events!




Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15 through October 15. Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with us as we honor these 10 Hispanic female athletes that dominate in their athletic arenas.

1.     Nancy Lopez, golf