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Thanks to Charlie DuHadway for the awesome combo this week!


Charlie DuHadway choreographed this hip hop piece for combo night at DuHadway Dance Dimensions and it is super fun!  Thank you for taking the time to watch Charlie and me! 

No Bull Sports at Wrigley Field

I love baseball, and was so excited to represent No Bull Sports on my first visit to Wrigley Field in Chicago!  Go Cubbies!  



I am very excited to embark on a new journey and attend college this fall; I am happy to announce that I will be attending Wingate University this upcoming academic school year. 


Rowing is an interesting sport because there are so many variations on a singular act. You can row in boats with four women, eight women, two women, or just yourself. Also, you can have two oars or one. Rowing with two oars, or sculling, is my favorite way to row.