Gig Harbor High School 2017 Washington Water Polo State Champions

Ups & downs ends with State Championship


This year has been a rollercoaster of emotions for me. Moving from Gulf Shores, Alabama to Gig Harbor, Washington mid sophomore year was tough. When I first got here I was so nervous starting all over again, the first couple of weeks at school was pretty miserable. My dad finally got some free time and took me to the local competitive swim team to try it out, being back in the pool and into a routine was just what I needed.


While swimming a few other girls talked about water polo tryouts that were coming up, a sport I had never really heard about, and they encouraged me to tryout. Luckily I made the team, my swimming was the difference. Oh how lucky I was, this team was awesome and I don't just mean their play, they welcomed me in and challenged me every day to get better. I worked really hard and was fortunate enough to make the state team after roster cuts. To say the least it was a great state run and ended with a State Championship and final record of 26-0.


Before this year I didn't really know what water polo was, and now it’s my life. All this is to say never get too down no matter how bad things seem, keep your eyes open, and keep pushing forward, you never know what you might run...I mean swim into!



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